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Libby Russell

BAS8 a space to do nothing
Productivity could be considered a capitalist pursuit; this piece encourages people to not directly equate success to productivity. The work creates a public space designed to be unproductive, to do things that are not purpose driven.

Soton Fashion Fest

Soton Sustainable Fashion Fest
Soton Sustainable Fashion Fest created a space to talk about sustainable fashion with local business, creative stalls, talks, workshops, film screening and clothes swaps.

The True Cost Screening

The True Cost Film Screening
Alongside a clothes swap, GHT hosted a free community film screening of The True Cost, a documentary about garment workers and the production issues of the fashion industry.

The True Cost Screening

Planting in public space
Living in a system in which escape seems impossible, growing plants and food can be a form of liberation and defiance from a wealth of undesirable options that capitalism offers. Enacting this while claiming public space is a step further in…

The True Cost Screening

High rise quote workshop
In a time of political upheaval/change the boundaries and definitions of private and public space seem blurry.