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Celeste Ingrams

lines of connection – friction – to anchor points – tension to stay taught – not too tight – gaging the strain – the resilience – the resistance – the weakness – finding protrusion and hooking on – linking up – meeting – the threads that catch – that slip – that pull the hold away – the delicate balance – in conversation

the inside and outside – the gaps between – letting in breeze – noise – the vibrations that travel through – from traffic – to the corners that tremble the strands in their lips – the woven – the durability – pixilating into a record of memory – of history – between the rumbles and the silence – webs breathe gently

reflective constellates – marks which grab and push – and put away – the falling and failing of tangents – written – drawn – culling – capturing – creating interpretation – like echoes – bouncing off perception into a different space – like vigilance maps of what’s to be forgotten – lost – and the space between – lines of connection