rebecca, róisín, lynda

8 August 2018

700 women. photo © copyright Rachel Adams

I came to Southampton 2 years ago to work as a midwife. During my time here I have had the opportunity of meeting lots of strong women as they journey through pregnancy. Happy times, sad times, it has been a privilege. Thank you women of Southampton for allowing me to be part of your journeys.

Viva the feminization of space and politics!! I am an artist living in cork, Ireland. So delighted to see a new space opening up for creativity when so many of our city and town buildings are given over to corporate interests. I am part of a studio group in cork, whose building is about to be demolished and made into a hotel


700 women. photo © copyright Rachel Adams

I am born and bred here and my family goes back generations in the maritime history. we also sacrificed our men in WW2. I come from a long line strong women who have overcome adversity. I love Southampton with a passion and get involved in the town’s events and future planning as much as I am able to. Thank you for putting this event on to highlight the lack of women’s involvement in a strong , wonderful town. We have much culture to share.