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megan, elaine, lorna

29 September 2018

700 women. photo © copyright Rachel Adams

Lady Farmer.

I enjoy what I do.

I used to dream of being a farmer’s wife until I got bored of that and decided to just be a farmer myself. I don’t need no farmer!

700 women. photo © copyright Rachel Adams

I am

a woman, sister, mother, aunt, friend, runner, psychotherapist, dreamer, lover, ex social worker, 57, sometimes sad and bereft, sometimes elated and hopeful, musical performer, recently orphaned but always a daughter still.

My role and responsibility as the mother of daughters and the contradictions. Wanting them to be strong independent women but also a desire for them to conform. What does that mean? Do I complement them equally for their values as their looks? How can I be a good role model? What would a good role model look like?