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7 September 2018

700 women. photo © copyright Rachel Adams

Born in 1990 Day before Valentine’s Day

My mother and grandparents raised me

My mother was adopted in Southampton. My father from a small town in St Lucia

The first of the family to go to university, I studied fine art and moved away with my second long term partner. I became spiritual, maybe to the point of cult status and have found myself more recently connecting with my heritage, which seemed gone from me.


Today I ate some toast and got a tetanus jab. Then I came to a secret tower where there were 700 lovely ladies drinking coffee, singing the ramones, and looking at inspiring art.

Today was a good day.




700 women. photo © copyright Rachel Adams

I am named Emmeline after Emmeline Pankhurst. This is hopefully the first of many events I will attend to promote female inclusion and empowerment. I am 6 weeks and 5 days old.

I am a great-grandmother with a life-long passion for art and craft. Fitting in painting, embroidery etc with bringing up a family of three was always going to be tricky (with world wide travel married to a meteorolist thrown in for good measure) Still, now the love of art and history and my beloved country remain.

Women: we are incredible – Keep going!