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cat, clare, gail

7 October 2018

700 women. photo © copyright Rachel Adams

Struggled with what ‘femininity’ is and what makes a woman so, as a teen. Is now comfortable in her own skin as a strong woman who’s built her own identity.

700 women. photo © copyright Rachel Adams

I am one of identical twins, originally from Richmond in Surrey. I have been living in Southampton for the past six years with my partner Adrian. We moved here because we were both in the Royal Navy and based in Portsmouth, but did not want to live there. I have now left and work in the Portsmouth historic dockyard on board HMS Warrior 1860. In 2 weeks time i leave on maternity leave and we are expecting our first baby on or around the 14th of December 2016!!

I learned how to be a mother from my mother and how to be a sister from my sisters